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Oumamaria: Why do some Harvard scholars say that this is a "foreign civilization"?


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This is a picture from the Oumamau last June by the European Space Agency (ESA English cut). However, there is something in the new study.

When they first saw it, in October 2017, several telescopes traced their trajectory for three days and continued until it was lost.

It was not normal. It was 400 meters in length and its width was ten times smaller and its surface was red. It turns fast, has a chaotic trajectory and its brightness has changed dramatically.

Astronomers at the Pan STARRS Continuous Sound System from Hawaii University called it Omanamua, which means "messenger before Guava's first arrival."

Initially, Oumama has two possible answers: comet or asteroid.

"We must have Oameamua's tail and its gases emit small changes in its trajectory," said David Farnokhia, "Jet Laboratory" NASA

Others say that this is not a tail star, because during the observation, these travelers were unable to determine the characteristic tail of dust and ice particles from space.

Professor Wes Fraser, of the Royal University in Belfast, said in February this year its movement in the country may be impacted by other forms a moment in his history.

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Oumuamua Discovered Pan STARRS Telescopes in the Continuous Sound System are located above the Halaleu volcano in Maui.

New research by scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center in the United States says that Oumama can emerge in a "still unknown space on the planet" natural process. [ISM, por sus siglas en inglés] or on a prototype disk.

But they had another optionwhat its origin is probably "artificial".

"Full operating probe"

The astronomers Schmil Billie and Abraham Löw, who were called by the authors of a new study published in astrophysical magazines, are called "Oumamaua" it can be a complete operational probe intentionally directed around the earth through a foreign civilization«

Or, "part of advanced technological equipment", especially solar panels, can be a moving device that uses solar radiation or solar plasma.

Bailey and Loeb come to the conclusion that this TV's specific speed and trajectory can be photographed on the apparent three nights of Oumamar.

"This is the first object that has emerged beyond the solar system," said Loeb. "From the moment of opening Oumamau has shown special characteristics, it is a rare object, which is a class of an object which has not been seen before," he said. To BBC.

"Something that can lead to Oumuamua's overpowering is the key issue we are trying to answer, if it does not have a tail for the tip of its tip, it can still be different, we offer solar radiation." explained the scientist.

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Loeb compares Oumuamua with sunlight, such as IKAROS created by our civilization, in 2010, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), the first planetarially-tested probe of the Sun.

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Japanese scientist Yuichi Tsuda shows IKAROS's extensive model. The length of the sun is 14 meters.

"If (Oumuamua) is part of a set of objects, In the future, we will define many things. Only a fraction of interstellar objects are technological waste of foreign civilization. But to learn the true nature of Oumama or other mysterious objects, we need to explore what is included in the solar system in the interstellar space. "

The study was "very defective"

"I'm not really sure and I really believe there's a lot of research […] Carl Sagan says: "Random claims require absolute proof," and this document does not have clear evidence and there is no good reason, "said Alan Jackson, a member of the Center for Planet Science at the University of Toronto. CNN chain.

Jackson believes if sunami was sunami, the authors would have been thinner than they expected investigation.

In addition, he argues that if the ship he works is "I have to go a lot more smoothly as well as acceleration typically arises from the effects of radiation. " If it is damaged, Jackson's movement "the effects of radiation forces would be much greater from what you see. "

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Bailey and Leeb explain that objective observations made by telescopes are not enough to provide a clear view of Oumama, but geometry and geometry of nature can be predicted.

"However, its periodic variations are observed, there are still degrees of freedom – eg angle of observation, uneven display, etc. – to define its geometry accurately.

Belfast Alan Fitzimmons, an astrophysicist at the Queen's University, said in an interview with AFP: "Some arguments in this study they are based on large unknown numbers«

Astyphysics Specialist at the University of North Carolina Kathy Mack wrote in his Twitter account: "Scientists are glad to have an extreme idea if they do not have the opportunity to be" wrong. " they do not do it until dozens of other options are over. "

Does Ohumua prove that life is alive on other planets? Loeb responded to the BBC's question, "I monitor Sherlock Holmes's key position:" When you remove the logical solution to the problem, it's not logical, but impossible, it's always true. "

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