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PF will release Mexico-Punch after a 20-hour fence

November 12, 2018

Interior Ministry Secretary Alfonso Navarrete said Pride "after the end of the dialogue" that the gendarmerie disbanded the group.

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After the 20-hour closure, the Mexican-Pachuca highway was freed from the elements of the federal police, was not injured or caught.

Interior secretary Alfonso Navarrete Prida, in his Twitter account, said that after the dialogue was over, the band had dismissed the group for covering the 20-hour departure of Pahuk.

On the other hand, Mexico's Secretary of State for Security Secrecy, Josmun Crdenas, said in an interview with Mexico's public security secretary Groffo Frule that this ride will be restored within a few minutes.

Regarding the misuse of the police in an operation in San Juan Ixhuatepec on Monday morning, an official in Astana denied the allegations and claimed that this version was designed to manipulate public opinion.

According to him, on Monday morning, two patrollers responded to the theft of a nearby fuel station near Tokom, but at the time of the theft, a group of taxi drivers and agents attacked agents to release the detainee.

He sought the help of agents, who "seized them" and arrested those who beat them ("one officer was broken").

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