Friday , October 7 2022

Technology leads to the "facial" disease of diabetes


Notimex / La Voz de Michachan

Mexico City The use of diabetes technology is an effective tool for treating and controlling self-esteem, according to experts from the Mexican Diabetes Federation and Roche Group.

Introducing the new family of self-propelled monitoring devices developed by the company, Executive Director of the Mexican Diabetes Association Gisela Ayala said today that these tools are not needed at all.

According to him, electronic devices such as mobile phones can be used to help overcome this situation, including Mexico, fifth in the world.

Although it is widely spread today, diabetes mellitus in Mexico is estimated to be at 9.4 percent, according to a report released on Monday. diagnosis was made

Due to the aforementioned, 15.4% of annual deaths are recorded in death, so use of technology can help to restore this condition by helping the patient develop self-diagnosis and monitoring culture.

Only 25 percent of diabetic patients diagnosed with diabetes are subject to disciplinary and effective control, so use of devices such as Accu-Chek Instant and MySugr mobile application is an effective means of developing self-care and control culture.

In this regard, Roche Mexico's medical manager Octavio Carrera explained that the health strategy is self-control and enhancement of the patient.

In this sense, like the technology offered by Accu-Chek Instant, it allows the patient, their relatives and the doctor to monitor the situation in time and make decisions.

This device can be two or six times a day, with two or two diabetes mellitus dependent daily and allows self-control that keeps information up to 90 days.

Thus, the doctor has access to information that can be sent in PDF format via cell phone or email and via the MySugr application.

Diego de Vivar, Director of Diabetes Care in Mexico, explained that the MySugr application for Android and iOS has been merged with Accu-Chek, which offers effective results.

Thus, the patient can achieve results in four seconds and can have a wide range of reviews that will help to analyze how often insulin is used and how to avoid hypoglycemia.

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