Monday , January 30 2023

Thalia and Natti Natasha test their genuine voice by turning off their "play"


Thalia is talking about many legendary Internet users, but this time I do not remember any of the publications and the words, but the deficiencies in "reproduction" at a full concert and when I mentioned one of his most successful songs.

He raised his father to fly off Alzheimer's. He sent it with his dog

He sang songs in Los Angeles, California near Nathan Natasha; Both danced and sang, but suddenly the "voice was heard", but even though Talia immediately responded, she immediately "captured" her audience with her experience.

Nati Natasha was far more sorry than Thalya, so the audience was loud and vibrating when the sound was heard, but popular people called it a "lid", indicating that they had no "voice".

Paulo Rubio "slightly improved"

Thalia's "real voice" is, of course, questioned in social networks because many people have not left "little details".

Paulina Rubio also appeared in the forum, and some viewers have said that her show is "alive" and that the audience does not "deceive" their lips.

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