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The editor of the magazine Shingeki no Kojin tells us that the talk is about to end


We were always listening Hajjime Isayma Tell this There are no Shingaki Kozhin but it is nearing completion, even though the editor will not know when it will be SNK He talked about the end of the conversation.

In an interview with Youtuber editor There are no Shingaki Kozhin, Kawakubo Shintero, details of the end of the event.

Kawakubo ShinteroHe said: "For a long time Ismail Number said SNK it ends three years, and five or six years have passed since. But I can say for sure that it was time to finish this story well. This time I think I can not further expand the story, but wait for the end of this story. »

For a long time Hajjime Isayma We hope that this franchise is close to end, and even the next season of anime adaptation is called "The Last Season", which will surprise the final fans.

It is a pity that the manga will soon be over, but next year, we expect at least one animation adaptation in the new season. Although the main event ends within a few months, you can see new slippers that open new information about the universe. SNK.

you do not have a coin

There are no Shingaki Kozhin, known in English Attack on the Titans or simply shortened SNK or AOT; This is a manga, written and illustrated in Hadji, by Isaiah.

The second season of the animation began on April 1, 2017. The first season consisted of 25 series, from April to September 2013. Total 22 series.

Fourth and final season There are no Shingaki Kozhin Will be released in the winter of 2020. Currently Crunchyroll It is an animated broadcasting platform in Latin America.

Synopsis There are no Shingaki Kozhin:

The story of Kyejing without Shingji leads us to the time when humanity is threatened with extinction due to the existence of titans. The mindless creatures of the mind are not the aim of devouring humans, even though it is not necessary to survive.

Some of the survivors have built three high titanic buildings, and they live in peace without fear of grapes. For more than 100 years, humanity lived calmly, in 845 the titanium seemed superior to the walls built to protect itself, and one of them was able to penetrate into the empty space.

Then, people will be warned that the Titans will be frightened to eat.

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