Tuesday , August 16 2022

The first Mi Store of Xiaomi in Mexico opens its doors on December 8th


We found out that the first Mi-michelin in Mexico was very tight, very dense, and we even opened some important details, but now it officially says: The first Mi Store of Xiaomi in Mexico opens its doors on December 8th. Within two weeks, we know more about the news that will be brought to our country by a large Chinese company.

News from social networks has fallen as usual. Xiaomi's official Twitter poster indicates the opening date of these stores as well as where they are located:

The opening day will be on December 8, as we say, and it will be a place to be settled Parque Toreo shopping mall in Mexico. We have already mentioned it in our previous report. Additional info is still unclear, but please be assured that Xataka will be participating in the announcement of all items when Mexico is opened. in situ.

Finally, Xiaomi Mexico needs to make a small analysis of the image you share to share this announcement. We have something to look at as a palace of art, which explains that it is the capital of the country, but even more interesting – the dual camera and smartphone, as well as hearing aids andenergy banks? This can not be ignored scooters and one of the company's intellectual vacuum cleaners.

Many surprises will be closely followed by Xiaomi.

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