Saturday , May 28 2022

The first migrant worker in Queretaro


Mexico City– A group of about 700 migrant workers from Mexico began arriving in Querétaro this morning.

The state has implemented at least three temporary shelters – some of which have been abandoned – to continue to go north.

In the afternoon, Governor Francisco Francesco Domintes announced that Puerto Vallarta-Apacheo-El Grande had set up a tent similar to Ciudad-Deportivo in Macrilloibramino, where about 4,000 people could.

You can also see the migration of migrants in the San Juan-Delhi cultural and convention center and the Corregador stadium.

From Alameda Hidalgo, they transport trucks on public transport to various hostels, especially to Macrolibramiento.

According to official data, all temporary shelters have necessary conditions for ensuring security, health and humanity.

Federal police, the National Commission for Human Rights and the National Immigration Institute have the consent of the state.

Some Central Americans did not want to have a rest in Queretaro this afternoon, along with the Ombudsman of the country, Naseli Ramirez, who believes tomorrow the other group will go to Queretaro from Guanajuato.

At present, there are five collecting centers, where clothes are in good condition, blankets, undisturbed food and bottled water.

The rest of the caravan will leave tomorrow

Next Saturday, starting at 5 pm, the first caravan group of migrants – a group of about 4,000 people – will remain in Ciudad-Deportivo since last Sunday. An hour later, the Central American delegation made a decision to resume a trip to Queretaro. To date, about 700 people have worked with the capital authorities and civil society organizations.

"We are going to Quatro Caminos and from there to Queretaro," says migrant Bill from Honduras.

"Do not even appear in the United Nations, because we collect them in mink, so I'll tell you," he said after the meeting.

It is expected that until midnight, the Central Americans will inform the Mexican Ombudsman Nacional Ramirez from Querétaro to Guanajuato, then to Jaljol, and then to several cities in Tijuana. , Baha in California.

"They do not come to Queretaro, they take the path to the Paso El Alto (Guanajavato), and we meet with Guanajuato's Ombudsman, if they come to Celaya or Irapuato," he said in an interview.

He estimates that Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala will abandon 90 percent of the migrants tomorrow, and this minority will decide not to follow the road.

"They will determine Lagos or other parts of La Paz and Guadalajara, and you know that road," he said, noting that some migrants do not plan to cross the border but in the east. Mexico.

Ramirez affirmed that his colleagues from the following countries, where migrants would leave, would be left to be left alone by the federal government.

Ciudad concluded asylum in the depot, the Ombudsman, and in the case of a current and subsequent capital government decision, the following groups from the south-east of the country continue.

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