Thursday , October 21 2021

The Mexicans unite the first mission similar to Mars


A team of Mexicans will perform a similar mission Mars Desert Research Station (MDRC), in the Utah Desert, USA.

Exploration Mission 1 (MEx-1) mission will be developed From December 15 to December 2018 and the Mars planet will become the 201 number of similar mission missions that the Mars Society seeks to expand the benefits of exploration.

Space training will be supported Society of Anonymous Scientists. It consists of 6 crew members and mechanic engineer Tanya Maria Robles Hernandez (Mexico), a Mexican support and support group.

The team consists of Juan Carlos Mariscal Gomez, computer engineer, Cesar Augusto Serrano Baeza, engineer-engineer, Genaro Grajeda López, Aerospace Engineer, Federico Martine Espinoza, Mechanic Engineer and Astromo Kruman and Walter Olabyas Carls Glass, Communications and Electronics Engineer .

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