Friday , October 7 2022

The newest player from footballer Daniel Korrea Freitas has been shown


Mexico City –

After that Daniel Correa Freitas, footballer São Paulo, On October 27, was found dead, the investigation continues to detect new details of harsh murder.

Lawyer Eduardo Enrique De Silva, one of the three co-workers Edison Brits, acknowledges the murderer Daniel Correa, he only wants to play a young footballer, but he has changed his mind after checking his mobile phone Daniel Correa Freitas here she found several messages with her womb's picture.

"They should be kept secret, open and cast for search, but not murder," said Diario Globoesporte, lawyer.

But it is Edison Brits He stopped the car and attacked Correa's attack and attacked. After that she cut her genitals with a knife.

According to civilian police from the Paraná State, Eduardo Enrique Ribeiro de Silva, cousin of Cristianine BrittanyEdison's wife, Britt's wife, was arrested last Friday in her home in Foz de Iguazu, and the two men are considered as escaped.

After Correa's death, the businessman was restored Edison Brittes Junior, A 18-year-old girl admitted to death, his wife Christian and two daughters were arrested.

A businessman has testified before the government and has admitted his guilt for committing a crime. Correa tried to rape her husband on her daughter's birthday.

Britney's wife has proven to be an act of rape, but Amada Trevisan, a business commander, said in a statement to the police that the family was "lying".

One of the last witnesses to his statement was a 19-year-old girl who was in the home of the Curitiba capital, where Correa's wife, Edison Brittes Junior.

He said that his 18-year-old daughter, Allan and other guests "gave him orders" to clear blood and stains for a beat-up of Brigadier Junior. year

According to the cars coming out of the GloboEsporte portal, the young woman said that "the matrimonial matrimonies were broken even where the blood had been" and "burned down with Daniel's documents."

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