Tuesday , May 24 2022

The owner of the Tesla Model 3 implanted the RFID chip in his hand


The engine and the chip made of ittuber were put in your arms.
Screenshot: Amie DD (YouTube)

Have you ever had to go home or office to forget about your car's keys and hurt yourself and find them? Maybe this software and the engineer of the youtuber have done so much through the Model 3, so he said, "I will now put the key into it so that it is no longer possible, as it did."

Jokes are separate, body transformation, and also a well-known concept biohacking or modding The body offers you the ability to add or modify additional body functions through your implant. However, all these practices are hazardous and may cause temporary or permanent damage.

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Amie DD is a software engineer and a fuel engineer who recently experiments with body technology implants. Several years ago, your handset had a radio frequency detection chip (known as RFID) to be re-programmed to open the door or perform some simple functions. This time he wanted to forget to wear his new Tesla key, so he decided to implant it.

Tesla does not use traditional keys but it has a card that should be in the wallet or purse of the owner, allowing the door to open or unlock when approaching Tesla. This card has an RFID chip, so Amie DD removed it and covered it with biopolymer material and then implanted it in the study of the body modification.

Now, the model guarantees access to 3, reaching your hand, but you need to bring it closer to your hand, but it will be much more than it is needed if you are not on your skin.

In the first video below Amie DD explains its plans and shows the chip in the biopolymer capsule, and in the other you can witness the installation process, regardless of the warning: the image shows blood. His arm has not recovered since the last process, so it is still a little inflamed, but promised who publishes a new video showing its work. [Amie DD (YouTube) vía Verge]

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