Thursday , September 29 2022

The United States is studying more than 200 cases of polio-like conditions; 80 confirmed


(CNN) – In the United States, this year, 80 cases of polio-bearing disease-like AHM have been confirmed, and this year the CDC in the United States has confirmed the disease prevention and prophylaxis center.

In addition, there are 139 cases, including 219 suspects. This figure indicates more than eight confirmed cases and 20 additional cases during the investigation as the agency reported last week.

The CDC noted an increase in the incidence of symptoms in August, September, and October. He did not identify 25 states that had been confirmed by the investigation, nor did he report on the state of affairs in the investigation.

Acute myelitis (MYD) is a rare disease that affects the central nervous system, especially the gray matter of the vertebra. Disease can cause severe complications, such as scarring or respiratory failure, and may require immediate medical attention.

Officials advised parents not to panic and to avoid any symptoms. They also suggested that children be upgraded with their vaccine and wash their hands.

According to the CDC last month, 90% of patients are children under 4 years of age, but adults can develop the MFA.

Other symptoms include facial expression, eye shrinkage, difficulty, or difficulty in speech.

Research on the cause of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues, but attention is paid to enterovirus that can lead to respiratory diseases and the West Nile virus and other family viruses.

According to CDC, 404 cases of MFA have been registered in the United States since August 2014. The number of cases can be high, but the situation is not necessarily accountable, so all state health authorities may not be included in CDC indicators.

"Despite the increase in the situation since 2014, the MFA is very rare. Every year in the United States, millions of contracts are less than one person, "says the CDC.

AFM grows in the summer and autumn once every two years, but experts should not identify or explain a single geographical factor. Some patients may be restored and others may have a long-lasting effect.

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