Saturday , June 3 2023

They deny the election in Owilan as the candidate goes to dance to "Chalma"



The judges of the federal judiciary (TEPJF) have appointed an early presidential election in Oakland as they have dropped out last July results because the state department of July was not guaranteed because candidate PRD-PAN Felix Linares danced for Halima.

Alejandro Avante, Master of this jurisdictional body, said during the session that the decision was based on the election campaign of Felix Linarest, a candidate for Halloween.

He is an important matter and a religious act that violates the provisions of the Constitution, proceeding from the parade to the sacred land of Chalma after analyzing the consequences provided for in Articles 24 and 130 of the Constitution for the election sufficiency.

"During the event, a candidate was given to Christ. The Khalma is asking for divinity to give meaning to the Constitution. Violation of this criterion exceeds the electoral ones, "he said.

According to Masters, this action can affect the 1,900 difference between the first and second places. "You can not send these Catholic rituals to the campaign," he said.

Felix Linares was re-elected in this city, which will finish in 2015 a three-year winner, the standard seller of Aztec.

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