Saturday , June 25 2022

They test Bella Khadid as a thinner


Victoria's Secret Yesterday he celebrated his interesting, but controversial controversy, criticizing the beauty offered by him.

Model Bella Hadid, One of his angels gives something to talk about the fragrance he has shown at the cinema.
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Recently, the American model has been criticized for a series of photos posted on its Instagram account, which looks very thin.

"Skin and bone … there is nothing against skin, but it is not healthy on many levels." "It's a shame, @VictoriasSecret, that we have to finish with the concept of look = value, to move forward in a really uncertain image." "I never understand why the bone that explains by the skin looks so beautiful," he explained.

Until the start of Haddis:

"All body types are varied and responsive to different exercises and provide proper nutrition."

These pictures of Bella Hadid before Victoria's Secret show are still theirs physical diversity usually surrounded this picture, and this year it has publicly announced the Australian model Robin Loudy.


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