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Walter Mercado: Horoscopes today are August 17


Find out what awaits you this Saturday on August 17, 2019! Check your forecasts and even your happy number.


It causes paralysis of mental communication. Your goal now is to be a better person. By taking care of your physical and mental health, you can face problems of positivism. If you have any problems or situations, you will notice how your mind will make good decisions. Relax your body and relax your mind.

Happy Numbers: 29, 5, 13.


Your professional qualities are tested, but you will win. Planetary energy gets you together with people at high altitude, which will help you to succeed. Everything that slows you down and hurts you and gives you a decent place for your talent and abilities.

Happy Numbers: 1, 34, 50.


Your income is growing, and you can buy what you want. Your professional success depends on art, spirituality, creativity, decoration, dance, music and politics. As you can see, you can direct many people to your prophetic sentiment and your relationship.

Happy Rooms: 4, 31, 28.


Recognize that you can not go to war with yourself and the world. Begin to correct any defects that might affect you, and delay as a person. You do not want to control someone's life or want to live by others. It's time to develop patience and understanding.

Happy Rooms: 47, 15, 9.


Now you are the means to heal the sick and to relieve the suffering of others. The more light you experience, the more hidden enemies and the free enemies. Bless all those who do not like you. Wait for surprises for your family members away from you.

Happy Numbers: 16, 9, 48.


Put a stop to a new era in your life, which will fulfill your dreams of love. Continuing to do something that is not right for you is to spend your time on incredible, frivolity. You realize that your luck will change. Get rid of Manias, Objects and love followers.

Happy Numbers: 45, 3, 27.


You will not be disturbed by the hopelessness. What you desire for years has been given to you as a gift from God. New and exciting friends work with you to make your incomplete projects look green. Wait on a professional level.

Happy Numbers: 17, 30, 2.


You will continue to spend and enjoy what you like, but you will not waste something that is not in line with yours. Money comes to you when it is needed. Create a new universe that opens up your imagination and seems impossible.

Happy Numbers: 22, 1, 14.


Educate yourself in everything that depends on your health. Listen to your friends' suggestions and suggestions, but always get the most out of your mind. Your inner voice will never disappoint. When you hear many comments, you get confused and make mistakes.

Happy Rooms: 41, 35, 28.


Now you are looking for stability rather than adventurous adventures. You will not let them cheat and play with your emotions. You will feel the reliance on yourself, overcome feelings of fear and mistrust. It's time to develop your sleeping pleasures and enjoy life more.

Happy numbers: 18, 24, 35.

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Your instinct teaches you to do good things, avoiding healthy and funny congresses. You are joy, joy. You do not have time, space, or labels. You do not care what other people think about you. You only consider what you think about yourself.

Happy Numbers: 6, 10, 32.


Take care of your money, Pisces, and analyze any business or business offer you have been offered. Death, overcome the fear of poverty and limitations. Money will come to you through a new business or new partnership. Think about it, think about prosperity, joy, love and luck.

Happy Numbers: 8, 12, 5.

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