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What kind of airlines are the most female pilots in their models?


Airline companies have expanded their efforts to attract female pilots to meet growing demand for travel.

In recent years travel and tourism expenses have always been seen details clients ready to spend money in new experiences.

According to the World Tourism Organization, the number of international tourists in 2017 will reach 350 million.

What are the airlines with the most amateur pilots?

According to the International Air Pilot Association, only 5.18% of commercial pilots are women.

This is the leading country in India statistics.

According to the latest statistics of the International Women's Airline International Aircraft Society (ISWAP, English translation), Asian countries accounted for 12.4% of female pilots.

Zoom Air, the regional airlines of this country, controls the leading board.

According to ISWAP, this company uses a total of 30 to 9 pilots.

India, Indigo (India), Network Aviation (Australia), Spice Jet (India), Air India (India), Porter Airlines (Canada) and South African Express (South Africa).

However, In absolute terms, companies with the largest number of pilot women are American, Delta Airlines (692), American Airlines (626), Lufthansa (375) and IndiGo (351) are major United Airlines (940).

Among them are SkyWest (307), Southwest (306), British Airways (245), Air Canada (242) and Jet Airways (231).

ISWAP Communications President and Retired Captain Katie McCallo said the Indian companies "they encouraged many women There should be pilots in the air as there is a shortage of pilots in the future. "

According to Boeing, as a result of the growing middle class in the country, commercial air traffic is expected to rise in India.

The ISWAP report does not contain Latin American airlines and is based on information provided by members of this organization.

However, there are women who work as commercial pilots in the region.

In fact, the Helicus magazine, edited by Mexico's Aviator Pilots Association, dedicated April issue of this year to pilot women.

According to this publication, There are more than 90 women in Mexico who are tailored to this profession.

How much do pilots earn?

Daily airline's pilot may include short-haul or long-distance passengers or cargoes.

Commercial pilots' salaries depend on the airline they operate, depending on the types of aircraft they fly and their level of experience.

However, the first wage is from $ 26,000 to $ 39,000.

The experienced captain charges over $ 184,000.

Salary difference

At the beginning of this year, UK companies with more than 250 employees were obliged to report for the first time differences between men and women.

It has been criticized for its airlines big low wages between two genres.

Average wage for men and women in all spheres was 9.7%.

Ryanair airline reported The biggest salary of the airline: 71.8%.

On the other hand, EasyJet has earned a 45.5% salary difference, but men and women in those roles have the same payout.


How is this explained? Most of the breaks depend on the spread of male pilots.

In EasyJet, for example, pilots are about a quarter of their UK employees.

6% of the pilots in the country are women, with an average job size of $ 121,000.

Cabin crew bad paying – 69% of women – average wage is 31,000 US dollars.

By 2020, the airline calls for 20% of new pilots to be women.

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