Sunday , May 22 2022

will be in court in December


Recent versions of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's divorce Last summer, a former marriage partner negotiated with six children, but negotiations on this issue have failed and next month two actors face each other. December

On Monday, two independent "individual judges" – an impartial person, as a rule, provided the relevant legal documents filed for renewal until June 2019 to deal with the information on the distribution of the former judge. , has experience in judicial proceedings – he is currently responsible for his case and will be responsible for listening to all court orders and hearings. The same decision determines the allocation of assets of the former parent when there is no prudential agreement.

Two prominent court sessions are expected to be held in closed doors with several children, and at least one of them will have a special permit to call.

Angelina decided to adopt her six children alone, and her ex-husband asked for her to be shared. So far, the actress who has been physically assaulted by children on a temporary basis based on the temporary arrival of the two parties for divorce was, but last season the judge decided that the case should be spent on the children's fathers and that their mother was restoring their emotional relationships. He has decided to help as much as possible.

He also made a formal application in August because Brad Pitt did not make a substantial contribution to the costs associated with the upbringing and care of his extended family, so that it was possible to set up a definite figure for a single unified payment system. According to the interpreter, she has been given over nine million people since marriage, and eight of them have been given to buy a home with their children.

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