Sunday , October 17 2021

"William Levy is indifferent," says Juan Osorio

Mexico City However William Levy it is considered one of the great gales soap operas, the actor is very big in the incuzudo conflict, after manufacturer Juan Osorio She declined to return to melodrama Mexico.

Osorio When he questioned the possibility of working with Cuba in the novel, he did not hide his rebuke and said, "I think, William the launch and its triumphal procession were the telenovalas, now they do not accept them and now they do not accept them, bad«

I remember that it was a producer Carla Estrada he gave Levi his first melodrama attack Sortileggio, which was loaned by Jacqueline Bruckham and David Zepde.

However, after continuing his career soap operas, the actor decided to retire United States of America, where he made several projects, including his participation in the film Resident Evil: Conclusion.

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