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You can live with a lupus


In the right treatment, the patient lives in the same way as any other person without inflammatory and autoimmune diseases affecting all organs

Systemic red erythematosus is an inflammatory and autoimmune disease that affects all organs. When a timely diagnosis is made, patients with good outlook may stop developing it.

Statistics show that in Yucatan, 0.06 percent of the population lives between 2,500 and 3,000 people.

Dr. Jacinto Errera Leon, Specialist in Rheumatology and Director of the Regional Regional Hospital No. 1 "Lits. According to IMSS Ignacio Garcia Telez, some people may believe that despite the fact that the number of people suffering from this disorder in the institution increases, new cases of the disease do not increase.

According to him, this is due to the significant increase in beneficiaries as a result of the relocation of neighbors from other countries.

They say that Yucatan It has been the world leader in rheumatoid arthritis since 2011, accounting for 2.8% of the population, which is twice the national and international average, which is 1.3%. However, lupus – rheumatic disease – at 0.06%.

Dr. Herrera Leone says that this situation affects people of advanced age, those between the ages of 20 and 40, mostly men, from 9 to 1.

If 40% of women are homeowners, it is important to understand why the disease affects the home.

A professional influenza erthmatosis influences the skin, brain, kidney, liver, eyes, lungs, heart, veins and duodenum, so the timely diagnosis is needed to stop it and to prevent harm to human life. .

This is a autoimmune disease, and hence, the body's own cells are wrongly attacking the body.

About 30% of patients with lupus have renal disease, which excludes life expectancy.

It is known that at the beginning of evil there is a genetic component, some of the factors in the environment will "fall asleep" until it is awakened.

Often it is exposed to ultraviolet light. It is also possible to use infectious or viral disease or certain medicines.

The sign of the presence of lupus is the redness of the "butterfly wing" surface that does not cover the entire surface.

Also, oral cavity (delay), involvement in small and middle circles, anemia and red blood cells are signs that prevent the disease.

The diagnosis is clinical and is confirmed by blood analysis, biopsy, if the doctors consider it – and magnetic resonance tomography with others.


Dr. Herrera Leone, in the current 95% of the current treatment, allows the patient to survive for 10 years, which does not mean that they will die later because if they continue to take medicine and keep their health they can survive without any human being.

The main thing is to stop the development of the disease before the difficult period.

The physician should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment to be available in the GERD for the treatment of systemic red infection and for patients to receive them, if they are the right recipient. Iis Ceballos Alvarado

Anyone with the autoimmune disease may suffer

In diseases such as pharynx, psoriasis and hypothyroidism, the immune system itself attacks the fault of the organism, which leads to the conclusion that there are foreign agents and should be eliminated.

About 20% of the world's population suffer from any type of autoimmune disease, and although these conditions can not reach very high levels, they add a considerable number.

Specialists in the magazine explain an extremely aggressive immune system that is needed to protect an organism from the dangers of many bacteria and viruses. Usually, if the system detects something strange in the body, it does not have to affect its cells and organs and try not to disassociate it.

This behavior changes when autoimmune disease occurs because the system ceases to recognize the part of an organism and responds by attacking it.

Generally, genetic factors, as well as environmental and cultural factors (lifestyle, diet, etc.) are prone to immune deficiencies.

At the same time, there are infections, malignant neoplasm, reactions (allergies) and autoimmune diseases.

Hypothyroidism, psoriasis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and vitiligo are popular autoimmune diseases, but their total number is hundreds.

According to experts, the lupus is rarely seen in Yushan, as well as in Mexico and in the world.

One of the nation's leading centers for the treatment of measles is the Salvador Zubran, Mexico National Institute of Medical Science and Nutrition, where about two thousand cases are cured, if not concentrated, this is a small number. a large number of patients in the country.


The idea of ​​increasing lump conditions in the state and country is interpreted by experts as a result of the perception, the results of doctors, health care providers, the spread and spread of disease, as well as the prevalence and spread of the disease. This has led to an increase in diagnosis that does not mean a real increase in the disease.

They can affect anybody's autoimmune condition, the only way to resist these and other diseases is to know that 80% of people are dependent on their well-being.

Each person has five options for balanced diet, exercises, long-term rest, health and emotional health, and health-consciousness. (Iris Cebalos Alvarado).

It is created in 2018 and unites half a thousand people

About 500 people are part of the Yupantan Lupus and Rheumatic Disease Association, which seeks to guide, inform, and link people who are in this situation, know that they are not alone.

This group was established last November and consists of patients with rheumatic diseases, such as lupus, found in Yucatan, Campeche and Quintana Rue.

Association President Andrea Perez Hierro says that 60-70 percent of the members suffer from measles and the rest are suffering from other rheumatic diseases.

He explains that one of his primary tasks is to help people with pain, so they offer cheaper consultations with health professionals in various fields.

Rheumatologists, nephrologists, psychologists, pediatricians, and therapists are several experts who can be reached through the association, which has an agreement with two laboratories because it is difficult to investigate these diseases.

Likewise, they provide discounted service from the ophthalmologist, as such conditions may affect vision, as it can directly affect the eye or result in the adoption of high-dose cosmetic drugs.

The Group holds monthly meetings inviting the specialist to make a report. If this is not possible, they will gather, co-exist, answer questions and support each other to celebrate the birthday of the moon.

According to Andrea Perez, family and friends often do not understand the pain of the patient, so talking to other people makes them feel better.

Andrea Perez says the drugs for red infectious diseases are expensive and that all members have no social security services.

He pointed out that there are no red color medicines in his catalog in the highly-specialized regional hospitals of the Yucatan Peninsula. Their incentive to send them to the Congress in May last year with the support of Manuel Diaz Suarez, the initiative to include people's insurance in this disease treatment.

According to him, two other communities in the country have already initiated such initiatives.

Andrea says he was 18 when he was diagnosed with age. Physicians advised her not to be pregnant, as it could cause her many problems; However, he emphasized that he managed to survive normally as he was the mother of two children, when he managed the disease correctly. Ivar Cebalos Alvarado.


To find out more about the Association for Lupus and Rheumatic Diseases in Yucatan, see their social networks and websites, call 9994-20-33-27.


The drugs for these diseases are assigned according to the characteristics of each patient who use less dose when they improve or change it if they do not notice the expected effect.


In those cases, partners will use them for other people who will receive them when the substance comes by the recipe.

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