Sunday , August 7 2022

Alphadi celebrates 20-year-old FIMA with a special edition at Dakhla-femmesdumaroc


Famous niggaz designer Alphadi started an African Fashion Festival (FIMA) on November 21, marking its 20th anniversary this year. An exceptional jubilee is the first Pan-African encounter outside Niger. Dakhla direction until November 25 is the choice to promote the wealth of African fashion.

African fashion illuminates the 11th Dunlapth African Festival Festival (FIMA). It's been 20 years since Alfie's founder and creator organized this event, uniting talented designers from all over Africa. This year the program has a special tone presented at the press conference a few hours before the opening ceremony of the festival, which was held for the first time outside the city of Nijer on November 21, 2010, by the stylist. « For me, for 20 years, DIMA came to DIMA, he explains in the gallery, because FIMA had a desert steppe – Dakhla was the gateway to the desert and Morocco was the first to support us. , Hansan Hansan and Mohamed VI respect the priceless support of the kingdoms. Four guests have arrived on the stage: Culture and Communication Minister Mohammad Lajarj, Lamin Benomar, Oududdab Da'Hlo Wali, famous fashion designer Pateo and A Saldo, Magic System, who celebrate their 20th anniversary and promise to explode at FIMA's opening ceremony.

It is a great power that Alfajdhai wants to re-demonstrate the model of fashion and the creation of Africa through a unique 4-day program. « The first one is for young people – music, young designers, top models, jewelry and leather products, he explained. The third panoramic stylists and the latest luxury nightlife in the world, designed for designer works from 5 continents «. In FIMA – Haské's first release, an exhibition space for fashion, beauty and service brands, as well as a place for exchanges through Masterclass and Conference. kind of " the main factors of cultural policy for the development of creativity. Morocco and Senegal events «Or other» fashion and beauty issues? «. Thus, we called Alphadi, "Desert Wizard," once again demonstrated the power of African fashion, which captured all the assets of the world.



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