Friday , August 19 2022

Amateur grows up front


The French Lift Union (UFL) is committed to reinforcing power. To do this, the organization, founded in 1972, organized the first National Assembly on November 20, at the Exhibitions Art Museum in Paris. In this regard, representatives of wholesale and retail companies were invited to discuss the market trends and challenges in the coming months. The general meeting of the Union was held to inform its members about the progress of the various documents. Alexander-Jacques Vernazza, CEO of one of the founders of Mediaco (one of the founders of UFL) and the president of the union, in this regard, detailed the ambitions of this profession: "First of all, we would like to offer quarterly regional meetings to offer lifts, federating the elevators and attracting new members." Forty years of UFL, "Develops and develops well" according to his own president, but still the government recognizes. His idea is to expand the organization to give weight to public decisions.

Follow the general terms of use and set the label

"We also want to integrate UFL into our members and customers"Alexander-Jacques Vernace continues. "We have to adhere to common conditions and are obliged to use them alone at the legal level." Then, UFL wants to put a sticker at the beginning of 2019: "In order to get this signal, applicants must comply with the list of criteria from six to eight, including the removal of the vehicle and the opposite, so payments will be made with the clients in the future". Specialists will be cautious about their positions in the Labor Code, especially at the level of the staff. Indeed, the UFL invites all foreigners to keep two dimensions: first, there are at least five cranes registered in France; Second, employees go to France.

Dedicated diesel load on pump costs

In general, the rising world will not be seen because of lack of communication, so it is the "best solution" to increase the lifting capacity and boost trade. Taking this into account, the integration of the UFL with the DLR (Federation of Distributors, Material Supply and Material Repairs) has brought great joy to all members. This specialty is interested in cooperating with current events, starting with the reduction of the TICPE reduced tariff (GNR) for the GNR (non-destructive diesel): "After this decision, from the beginning of 2019, our consumers will have to quote diesel prices for diesel fuel from 2 to 4%, – says Alexander-Jacques Vernazza. "No one has seen this event""says the union. "In Burju, we were told," This is not the case either. "" Typho is terrible and worsens the relationship between suppliers and consumers. "

Very efficient cars, delicate payments

For current issues and issues related to the upcoming months, the president of Mediaco has been increasingly increasing the number of producers and the problem of axis load on the road code: "In general, there is an expansion of the arrow that has a logical effect on the growth of the opposite side. In the last 10 years, especially during the 5th year, I have been talking about many events. " But if the technical barometer is in good condition, then the storm relapses to the relational level: "We have witnessed a real war between workers and their large clients""says the union. "Respect for property and contractual rights is a subject that really affects all material".

Nevertheless, the profession does not report the number of lifts in France and the number of toothed gears registered in France for several months. "I would like to note that our market is working well, it is growing"Alexander and Jacques Vernazza Tempers Three national producers, including two family groups, account for 60% of the market and the remaining 40% are distributed among independent companies. "Interregional competitiveness is very strong, but our specialties are employed, and even when there are difficulties, we have to get a job … The current stage will remain challenging."

Other horizons, like the Big Parisian parishes, are quite obvious. The specific typology of the work requires the special typology of the equipment, especially because it is necessary to show a dissatisfaction among all subjects: "Lifting area is being prepared from 6 to 8 months", – says Alexander-Jacques Vernazza. This is because wholesalers have a technical nature and require qualified staff. In addition, the construction, public works and the wind market still continue to boost for this sector, which is still seeking a higher level.

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