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China made a greenhouse fraud


"Gogo Chenale" perfume, "Ababis" footwear or "Caiwen Kani" boxers transferred to Calvin Klein: The largest selling transaction in the world, despite the efforts of the Chinese giant of e-commerce, smugglers are always on their platforms.

Despite economic sanctions of the United States, China will strengthen corporate intellectual property – an important issue in the trade between Washington and Beijing.

President Xi Jinping has confirmed his intention to "strictly sanction" counterfeiters on Monday. Also, the new law will soon make sale of online stores, including Alibaba, disconnected from their sites.

As of November 11, the band will organize monster advertisements. Like the "black Friday" of America, this event is called the "Singular Holiday" – due to the sequence of the day "1" (11/11) – an opportunity to increase sales.

Last year, Alibaba received a transaction of $ 25 billion (22 billion euros) in 24 hours … Iceland's GDP is much higher.

All Chinese smartphones, including its Taobao application, are one of the world's largest global trading platforms (634 million active users each year). However, although most of the products sold are genuine, most are artificial or imitation.

For example, "Ababis" has sporty footwear, which has the Adidas logo and its peculiarities. Optimistic price: 39 yuan (5 euros). Balenciaca shoes run for 128 yuan (16 euro).

– "Long Chang" bags –

The site is packed with false Louis Vuitton bags sold for 118 yuan (15 euros). His Longchamp competitor is not preserved: copies of the nylon bag of his flagship are purchased at the same price as the "Long Chang" brand.

Lacoste fake poles can be found in 68 yuan (9 euros), the crocodile logo is beautifully illustrated.

In the streets of Beijing, consumers recognize the AFP, but they can not distinguish between truth and falsehood. "I do not see the difference," says a 26-year-old man, "Kane Kane," briefly speaking. "It looks true, it is the original."

"I can buy it," the 37-year-old Wang Yu was named "Star Wnrs" galactic clock sold for 15 yuan before the "Lepin" building (moved to Lego), at 1.90 euro). "In my opinion, all the products are copying one another," he says philosophy. "It's as good as it is for children, but it does not disturb me when it's of good quality."

In the Liquors section, Jack's Jackie has whiskey. Or the wines served as Bordeaux, but much more blooming than the Medoc vineyards: "Heart of Freedom", "Bravespirite", "The Dragon's Famous General", red, French … All bottles are sold less than € 2.50 per TTC.

Until the end of 2016, the United States re-launched Taobao's list of "popular markets" for the sale of counterfeit goods and intellectual property infringement.

According to the European Union's Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), 434,000 jobs in Europe will be estimated at EUR 60 billion a year.

In a statement to AFP, Alibaba claims that intellectual property protection methods are "the best in the sector" and "are constantly looking for ways to improve them."

– "Clean hypocrisy" –

Last year, the group conducted 48 criminal cases against counterfeiters.

"Two of the two companies are victims, and they are exposed to a great deal of money to deal with this fraud, which is up to 10% of their turnover," said AFP's Chief Executive Officer in Paris, Dolphin Sophie Sobreira. Unifab Association that combines counterfeit industries.

"Small and medium-sized businesses often have difficulties arranging for themselves and sometimes they do not have the budget to protect themselves, sometimes withholding or even firing them from the door."

But impunity may immediately cease. The new Chinese law on online commerce comes into effect on January 1, 2019. These web giants are responsible for artificial counterfeiting on their platforms.

"The cleanliness of the website is considered to be an export consultant to La Guyennoise, Hubert Rickard, which transfers annually to" 5 million bottles "in Bordeaux.

According to him, authorities in some parts of the center and in the eastern part of the country are often "part of the network of producing and distributing wines."

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