Tuesday , January 31 2023

France or Morocco? Mattéo Guendouzi speaks about his choice (VIDEO)


Will Guendouzi play for France or Morocco? Many Moroccan fans have been asking for a few months. Franco-Moroccan player, Arsenal midfielder told the press about his choice for the first time.

Respond to a journalist's question Canal + Sport This question was clear to Guangdong. "As I said, my goal was always a French team. From the time I was young I always played with French teams, and, of course, I dream to play with the French team and I hope to go there. Anyway, this is a dream for me, and I will do my best to go there, "he said.

Monday Team national trainer Hervé Renar has announced his opinion on Gudenuzi. "The trainer in Morocco, Hervi Renar, still hopes to play Matteo Gendosey with Atlas Lyon," wrote the sports newspaper last year, "Atlas Lions" coach Matteo Gendosa, "Which part of the family is in Morocco?"

The source in the federation says "it is a surprise to learn such words." "Guendouzi's philosophy is not on the agenda," says the source. Franco-Moroccan striker Arsenal was happy to be invited to the French team recently.

Recall, the national trainer Hervé Renar called him to join the Atlantic Lion, but he preferred to France. After signing Arsenal, FRMF revived the path of his father, Moroccan. Hervu Renar also tried to convince him to England.

At the end of the FRMF, the father of Guudunzi reduced the situation when he asked the federal official for a "material assurance" to choose a blues instead of blues. A request that is strongly appreciated by the applicants.


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