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Hamilton Mercedes is the fifth builder's title


The Grand Prix of Brazil was also marked by the second place in the Dutch Vertappenen, and was also found in blood circulation.

Mercedes won the fifth Formula One constructor

On Sunday, November 11, Mercedes-Benz won the Formula One (F1) designers in Sunday's battle in São Paulo. Lewis Hamilton beat Esteban Okko and won the Brazil Grand Prix at Max Werstappen.

Interlagos's fun atmosphere after Mercedes's celebration of the clan, two of which are driven by two drivers and builders, and the second to the Verstapse blood.

Gradually from the car, the Dutch Red Bull rushed to Okon. Before the blows came, the son of a flame hit the French several times, and the F1 closed the 1970s and 1980s, and the competition commissioners called on the competition's FIA Sport Code.

Racing Point Force India driver, who said he did not feel guilty in the radio, was amazed by the reaction of his Former-3 opponent four years ago. "I went faster than hollows, and I told her that I would double her to forgive her", Trying to explain Ocon, maybe next year, the F1 will not be able to succeed.

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«Crazy behavior»

"I did it to other drivers as well, but Max did not give me a seat"Connected to Mercedes. "It's wrong to have irrational behavior, it's not sporty."says the native of Eurow in the post-procedural altar of Verstaben.

The latter, logically, hosted the first ten rounds of the day, with Ferrari Fisher Kisi Reikkonen of Finland and German Sebastian Wettel, and then the Finnish Mercedes Valerie Bottas. The management of the tire degradation was crucial and Red Bull was much better than the competition in this area, suggesting that Australian Daniel Ricardo took the 11th place in the net.

The Hamilton middle class tire and the Verstappen were hit by a controversial pole that suffered a defeat, and won the second time after his second in Mexico career.

But in the 43s he was hanged by evening Ocon, he attacked the 2nd bench. "S" From Sennan. "I have no words to be in such a state …"Concerned with the verstabs. "The group has a good strategy and we must win"he assured. His flat bottom was damaged, Dutchman, turned over to Hamilton, but moved ahead of Raikkonen.

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73 wins in the race

The British boy suffered a severe twelve year old boy, but he won 72e Despite the oil pressure problems and the heavily damaged sand, it is a career achievement. He was appointed for the fifth time in Mexico two weeks ago, and he enjoyed the new victory of his team. "Children worked well for six years and had a wonderful trip with them"Hamilton said before he stepped into the pyramid and scratched several samba strokes.

Mercedes began firing in 2014 and the hybrid engine V6. Brackley won ten titles and gained 73 wins in 99 competitions. Mercedes has returned to Ferrari for the second year, raising its requirements. Scuderia will be pleased to welcome at least Montezacque Charles Leklerk, 7, in 2019e Impressive on Sunday and Sauber's wheel.

The last rounds in Abu Dhabi will not be a matter of two weeks. Renault will definitely save 4e The Red Bull classifier and 24 points ahead of Haaast.

Among the two drivers, the start of the race, Spanish team Carlos Saints Jr, German Nicko Hulkenberg, who left for McLaren and for the first time in eight Brazilian races, did not make headlines. Ocon error.

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