Wednesday , October 5 2022

Hundreds of pounds of narcotics were seized in Marrakech, four were arrested


Marrakech's criminal police prefecture began on the last weekends, with a large number of drug addicts and four arrests.

According to security sources, the operation comes after accurate information and investigations into the drug trafficking network in Marrakech.

An investigation conducted by the competent General Prosecutor's Office allowed the group to stop garbage removal at about 1.5 tonnes of beetles.

In agreement with the Royal Gendarmerie in Harbild, two more elements of the same line were taken into custody, and two were purchased for the consumption of chiropractic drugs.

According to one source, search operations were confiscated 365 kilos of hemp, 65 kg of smuggled cigarettes and 125 grams of drugs.

The convicts were detained for investigations under the supervision of the competent prosecutor's office and the other members of the investigation network continued to be arrested.

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