Sunday , August 14 2022

In the near future new intelligent radar was installed on the roads


The Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics is preparing to consolidate the new traffic control system and has already received an invitation to purchase the equipment for the tender. According to Al Massad, he has been involved in intelligent radar detectors for various offenses during the past 20 years.

These radars installed in several cities of the kingdom determine speed and other offenses, such as stopping, red lights, prohibited sign, continuous line, smartphone, or non-portable security belt. Purpose: to stop criminals who have committed a crime on the road police and to force them to respect the Code of Conduct.

The news says further that these radars will be installed on the dark roads that are subject to accidents due to non-observance of the signs or due to certain dangerous turns.

Keep in mind that automobiles that violate traffic laws can pay local government authorities a ticket to executive authorities soon. Mohamed Najib Bejif, Transport Secretary of the Ministry of Transport, Transport and Logistics of Malaysia, said during the oral poll on the House of Representatives.

The Secretary of State plans to equip the police and the royal gendarmerie with electronic equipment (speed camera, bus stop, red light …) for traffic violations.

This measure comes after an officer's interpreter (police or gendarme) to accept or deny payment via "checking" after a series of controversy that just happened. Obligation to pay in cash – the offender is always on our way. To this question, according to the article of the Woollyf Code, "penalties are paid in cash or checks, as well as in any other way determined by the administration". He has called for a complaint if he declines the test.

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