Sunday , August 7 2022

iOS 13: Geoinformation Rules Excite Publishers


Seven publishers of iOS pleased Tim Cook to share the iOS 13 for user geolocalization. Information.

In the letter, they noted that the "Always" option would no longer appear when they asked the user what type of geolocation they would like to see. We will have the right to "grant permissions," "authorize one," and "cancel" when the program is active.

The new default option on iOS 13

This feature of a permanent geolocation has not been removed, but you must search for it in the privacy settings of each application. Access to IOS settings, which IOS developers consider unusual for users.

Reviewed editors: Tile, Arity, Life360, Zenly (from Snapchat), Zendrive, Twenty and Happn. They share their position with the aid of drivers, geographical location of relatives, location of trucks and other equipment, friends and meetings.

This change, which affects the functioning of their applications, usually does not have a sustainable geoinformation – they are afraid that users will perceive it as a defect. They ask Tim Cook to introduce a new method in two ways to check the demand.


This group also discusses the restrictions that apply to the PushKit API. This is for VoIP applications that need to monitor the coming of the call. It's sometimes used for geo-targeting as it allows you to work in the background (Read VoIP: Restricts the handling of Apple APIs and potentially sensitive data over Facebook).

As Life360 points out, some applications use the "Find My Friends" method for those who are close to it. Whenever a user wants to find the crash site, the publisher will allow the API to override the main function.

Additionally, these publishers say Apple's Layout application does not require access to its position by competing with some user applications.

Apple responded Information privacy issues and changes to hardware, software, or system levels for the benefit of the user, its privacy and with the world's best products and ecosystems «.

However, with some of its signatories, Apple is looking for ways to replace functions that have been removed from the API required for this software. As for the pleasant mode used by the Layout application, Apple claims that it is compliant with other third-party applications that are distributed from the App Store and not installed with iOS.

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