Saturday , June 3 2023

Le Matin – René Girard "Strong Campaign of Destabilization"



WAC officials were forced to leave, while team-mate Rene Girard broke his silence on Wednesday, claiming he was a victim of a crackdown organized by the DAS president. Reds, Said Naciri. Jrard says the same document says "club leaders are subjected to strong psychological and judicial pressure." Press service of the 64-year-old technician, who has a wide resonance in French and international press.

The tension reached the height between Wydad Casablanca President and Team Coach Rene Gerard.

Vidada Casablanca's coach, who came to the team in September, has become an immediate aftermath, especially after a negative result in Botola.

Rene Gerard, a spokesman for defense lawyer Rene Gerard, accused Wednesday's president of slandering the club, calling for an alleged perpetrator and a "brutal destabilizing" campaign aimed at putting strong pressure on him and his deputies.

Thus, a 64-year-old technician proves that he is being harassed by the club's leaders, who "undoubtedly condemns practices, for example," almost daily interviews that prevented him from returning to training or his place of residence, his offices, or calls.

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