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Morocco: Shocks and vibrations on the streets


Violent violence against women under the slogan "Massacres" was held on Saturday in Morocco, street show in Rabat and hot dogs in several cities.
"Woman Can not Do Anything!" On Saturday afternoon, on the bank of the River Rabat, a small crowd gathered the chorus slogans, shock and traditional instruments.
"The goal is to encourage women to break the silence, to combat social norms and to know their rights," said Oxfam non-governmental organization Mohammed Amin Daniy. Discount.

The collective #masakatch, which hopes to launch the #Metoo global campaign in Morocco, vibrates brightly in several cities, mostly in Casablanca, Marrakech or Rabat.
"If you're a dog!": This is a statement from a team that has been calling for relative success – women's placing the photos with whistles on social networks.
"We often help defending against oral attacks," says the 40-year-old cousin.

The event organized in Rabat was also called "public awareness of Article 103-13 on the new law on combating violence against women and sexual harassment."
This law, which came into force in mid-September after discussing it for several years, is for the first time called "violence, aggression, sexual exploitation, or cruel treatment."
The text, which is not interfered with feminist groups, in some cases, in some cases, tightens sanctions and provides mechanisms for women affected by violence.

In Morocco, violence in the street is part of the morality: 63% of women have suffered, and 53% of men recognize that a woman or a girl is sexually harassed, according to a recent UN Women Maghreb study.
According to this study, for more than 60% of men, 78% of women are accused of "behavioral" behavior, while persecution is "legitimate."
More than 6 people and 57% of the 10 people (62%) held in the region of Rabat and announced in February 2018 believe that most of them should be "male".

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