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Morocco Social Protection: First National Conference

On November 12, 2018, the first National Social Security Conference was launched. Objective 120 is to address the problem of the lack of coordination and efficiency of active social protection programs, making specific recommendations for major overhaul of social protection in Morocco. There was a problem launching this reform …

King Mohamed VI The obstacles to the effectiveness of social protection programs in Morocco: the lack of coordination, scattering programs, lack of global approach, limited effectiveness when speaking in July 2018.

This first National Social Security Council, organized by the State Ministry for General Affairs and Governance, has set a goal to identify these deficiencies in order to create a common framework for the reform that can be the basis of the new system. social protection.

"It is necessary to rebuild all the protection programs, to improve and integrate integration. This is an important issue of social peace and the rights of citizens, "said Saadedyn Elotmani, Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

14 units and hundreds of programs

The situation in Morocco is a bit paradoxical. The kingdom has created more than 120 social protection programs. More than 50% of the total budget of the state is monopolized by the social sphere, in the broad sense of the term. How can one explain the effect of these programs on the people? "There is no global perspective, there are no tools like the future social register. Accessibility criteria are inaccurate and lack of clear statistics makes it difficult to assess the impact of social protection on the public, "explains Lahtsen Dood, Minister of General Affairs and Government Delegate.

The lack of accurate and comprehensive data on social protection programs in Morocco has been highlighted by several stakeholders. Professor of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC), Dris Hawower, requires the development of national social protection accounts to strengthen coordination and resource mobilization.

The reform should also be based on a unified management of social protection programs. There are actually about thirty public organizations, including 14 ministries and 8 organizations, under the available 120 programs!

Reconstruction of Social Protection led by Lachtsen Daoode in Morocco is a research subject to the French firm Finactu. His Chief Executive Officer, Denis Chemillier-Gendreou, has five key areas of expertise in social protection to succeed in his restructuring:

– Increased family resilience through money transfers

– improving social outcomes with reliable results

– Increasing the importance and quality of the Goal

– Reduces the dilution of the programs

– Rationalization of management fees, strengthening of available data

Strong-minded workplace strategies that she could not upset some participants in Assisi. They criticized the "repetition of almost identical diagnosis at the beginning of the millennium" and "the use of foreign firms to import incorrect solutions to Moroccan truths."

Inefficient coverage of labor resources

One of the main themes in the conference is social protection of the active population. A category of exposed social risks: illness, disaster, occupational disease, maternity, temporary or permanent loss of income.

Morocco in this area is a bad student: Very active coverage of the population is one of the lowest indicators in the world, covering accidents during … 6 million of the Kingdom's 12 million assets remain outside the scope of social security. Low Sustainability of Paid Services in the Private Sector – one of the two employees published the SSR from 12 to 12 months.

Speaking of employment loss compensation (IPE), she says, "it develops in the direction of release of favorable conditions," says Said Ahoodush, CNSS's director. a actuarial research This institution has developed a number of scenarios to increase the number of beneficiaries of these benefits. However, according to Ahmiluch, "Efficiency of the PEI depends on the funds invested in social partners. When they started, they chose the 0.57% rate.

Morocco is also lagging behind international law. The International Labor Organization (ILO) has not ratified a number of conventions, especially in terms of working conditions and occupational diseases. The recent "lack of parametrization and segmentation models, and their closure is ineffective," says Alain Letthamy, a consultant for Social Security and FinActu.

Internal contradictions

As a whole, the participants of the 1st Social Protection Association have raised the limit of the current system due to the lack of a clear mechanism for fighting disability, work accidents and occupational diseases. . To address this, it was suggested that, in particular, the immediate response to incentives and coercive measures that enhance transparency and accountability of employers in the area of ​​social responsibility.

But the causes of evil are deeper. According to Said Akhmedushi's private reception, the social security system: "The USSR does not pay attention to unemployment or occupational accidents. This is one of our commitment to our defense system, because the first threat to social security around the world is occupational accidents.

In such cases, our social protection scheme should be fundamentally changed in its fundamental principles, rather than restructuring existing mechanisms that have long shown their limitations in terms of social protection. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labor did not meet at all – at the Council of the Government, the Decree on the Social Security of Non-Governmental Employees (TNS), which the people in Morocco have about 6 million people …

Here are the videos of the first plenary sessions of the 1st National Social Protection Conference, as well as an active public seminar.

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