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New collection of SOLARHU [PHOTOS]


Published: November 6, 2018 12:22 PM, RomaneDvl

New color sneakers in the winter.

Original Pharrell x adidas: New SOLARHU Collection [PHOTOS]

Farrell has said a lot in recent days: he first sent a threatening letter to President Donald Trump, and announced his future collaboration with Chanel. His housewarming home, especially for the campaign reincarnation This time, the artist returns to the originals of Adidas.

A new scale range

Long-term employeesadidas Originals and Farrell never go away from each other. The painter will be brought to his original brand is not an indispensable and irreplaceable ambassador for the German brand. After discovering many collections and sneakers, she comes back with a new series SOLARHU, as well as a collection of African motifs and a set of bright colors. Therefore, five pairs of SOLARHU are recommended, one black, one light blue, one black, one white and one green.

All capsules will be available on the Adidas website on November 10. We must act quickly!

The Chanel Collection is coming soon

Farrell and Chanel, so they left again. The artist and fashion house recently announced the launch of a new general adventure. A capsule kit, which unites them and needs to be named Coco Farrell According to some sources (Yes, you read it correctly). It should be Seoul's first boutique in South Korea on April 4 before boutiques all over the world. At the moment the campaign is not launched and there is no sign of this range, except for Farrell's bright yellow sweater during Chanel fashion show in Thailand. Creating …


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