Friday , August 19 2022

Nigeria-Zambia, pre-match reactions


Nigeria and Zambia will meet on Wednesday in the second day of the B Africa bombing of the Nations' Cup in 2018.

This match will be crucial for the Nigerians who will not allow mistakes after the first day's defeat. At the foreground, the winner of the Equatorial Guinea (5-0) Zambia relies on heroism.

Statements before the match:

Thomas Dennerbie (Team of Nigeria)

Trainer must respond professionally. The question is not to go back with the South Africans. This is not the subject of the day. After our defeat, we worked on a Zambia record, which scored five goals for the team that changed the team's data. Our goal is not to change the title or qualification of a yota, world championship. We have to beat the Zambia. We reached the bottom of the wall. Nigeria is a great team. My players will show it in the field.

Osinachi Ohale (Nigerian defender)

The player can not wake up what has happened before, but it is impossible to move forward. We will always remind ourselves of our defeat. We have realized that we have not acted in South Africa and have done everything we can to correct our mistakes. This is not a big problem. True Falcons is not used to see the loss of the match, and when it happens, everything is going to look and analyze, and try to find out the cause of the defeat. Try and see the game. We competed with our competitions. We have all considered. We know what is happening in Nigeria in Africa and around the world. We have a torch in our hands and we do not want to leave it to someone else.

Bruce Moep (trainer from Zambia)

We have a great impact on competition. Water drowned beneath the bridge. For two days, we were immersed in something that was waiting for us against Nigeria. And it's hard, it's really hard. The Nigerians are promoting their football. When winning eight titles, there is no question of failing to respond. We know that the Nigerians are strong, tactical, and strategically strong. We are engaged in every game, but we pay special attention to our opponents. They are full of talent and experience. And you do not want to do anything to overcome them.

Mary Muakapila (Zambia midfielder)

The victory over Equatorial Guinea gave the whole team a mood. We strive to win the first round in Ghana and become a candidate for the World Cup. The first step was taken. The second challenge to Nigeria is that we have to keep our feet on the ground. When we arrived, we decided to leave CAN at the end of the first tour. We have been inconsistent with legacy assumptions. Why not two, why not three. We will see. Complainants are always more comfortable than those who can win.

Let's remind that finalists and finalists of the 2019 finals CAN Women 2018 will compete in the 2019 World Cup in France next year.

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