Tuesday , January 31 2023

Renewal of the fight against Ebola at the Beni-La Libre Afrique


The World Health Organization (ECHR) released a statement on Sunday calling for the mobilization of the Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo after the collapse of armed conflict. WHO). "All activities on Sunday, including vaccination, have been resumed," WHO said.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Congo reported that the fight against the Ebola epidemic in Benin was halted after armed conflicts. "Several meters from the center of emergency operations and several hotels in the hotel.

On Friday, the UN peacekeeping force, the UN peacekeeping force (MONUSCO), launched a new attack on the northern entrance to the island of Beni in Buenos Aires after a "few hours of war" armed attack by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Congo.

According to the Congolese official document, the Allied Democratic Forces ("GDRs") who have massacred hundreds of peaceful civilians and killing at least seven peacemakers in 2014 have been targeted "to attack Monushko's bases." .

According to civil society sources, two civilians were killed in the attack on the ADF-attack in the northern city of Mokoko, 36 kilometers north of Beni.

WHO reminded that sixteen Sixteen employees were deported to Goma in eastern ODA to provide psychological care. An unexploded wall hit the villa on Friday night.

Dr Michel Yau, coordinator of the Ebola fight in Beni, did not suffer injuries in an interview with AFP on Saturday and did not know that he had left the United Nations forces camp, the Congolese Army or the rebels.

Since August 1, the Ebola epidemic in Benius has killed 213 people.

WHO Director-General Tedos Adon Gabshys said in a statement on Sunday: "WHO will continue to work with the Ministry (Congo WHO) and our partners to stop the Ebola epidemic. , "Threats that endanger the safety of those who are still working to stop them".

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