Saturday , January 28 2023

Shocking Photos – Rabat: Zainab Fasiki, Moroccan Multiplier, Has Humaum Feminist Project (It Shame)


The young arbiter Zaynab Fasiki will present his "Hoshum" project from 9 November to 7 December at the The Cube Gallery in Rabat.

For the first time, a young woman presented her project to the public. His ultimate goal is to "fight violent" against women, to demand personal freedom. The nakedness of a woman is her objection.

"Starting with my childhood, I ask my family or school, and everybody tells me," Hushum, do not talk about it! "And so I chose a simple subject to talk about it," he said to HuffPost Morocco.

By choosing Darius and English in this work, the artist did not like to hit the naked women, sometimes by showing the secret women, trying not to decorate their bodies.

Black and white photos ::

According to the same source, the book version of the Hshouma project will soon be available.

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