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Stan Lee, Marvel's famous genius

Marvel discovered that Disney was in Walt Disney. Even though Stan Lee did not create a fantastic Four, Spider-Man, X-Men or Avengers publishing company, he had been inactive for decades. Valuble-writer-publisher has always been invited to make funny scenes in movies or television products adapted from the Marvel World. November 12 at the age of 95 at the Tsedars-Sinai Medical Center, the Spider-Man's official inventor and the most famous violinist in Marwel's comic industry, the 60s comic industry.

1961 and 1966 Competing DC (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and other green lantern), which is characterized by their own approach, with the views of Lee's supergiants Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby. Marvel's suit superstars are often compared to the comic of a new wave of the French cinema. One of the last casual artworks, director and popular comedian Alena Reznais liked the superheroes to communicate daily, heartbreaking spider-man / Peter Parker hire galleries for the "Fantastic Four". In the late 1960's, Reznies and Lee formed a friendly relationship and fed into some movie projects that had never been created. They thought thirty years later, in the early 2000s, that Lee's heroic heroes would rule in Hollywood in blockbusters all over the world.


In the middle of creativity Lee Lee.


Today, all of Marvel's studio films are based on characters, humor, and conversational grammar from Disney's division since 2009, and Stan Lei and his staff have been founded half a century ago. Notwithstanding the end of his life in 2017, Stanley has long lived his own superheroes for entering the world cup championships, not to recall the reverse sequence of personal shortcomings due to Joanna's death. The fate of the grave condition of the former Jewish immigrant born child born in Manhattan in 1922, suffering from parents' poverty, is a major depression.


During the teenage years in the Bronx, Stanley Martin leafed away with Christmas, mythologies and films with Errol Flynn. He hiding scenarios, hiding himself as a writer by gathering some of the work places, such as the Broadway Theater or the office child. In 1939, at the age of 17, he was hired as a charter for a subsidiary of a publishing company belonging to a member of Timeless Comics, a family member, Martin Goodman. The competing (future DC) released a year ago Superman winning competition, as well as comics with powerful characters such as Submariner, Ka-Zar and Android. A flammable flamboyant, a fantastic project of the Fourth Fantasy Future. Stanley fills up the screenings, releases the authors' lunches, removes thumbnails of recycled pages … But faster, he strives to do a lot. Since the establishment of the Superman, the comic industry enjoys a golden era, bestseller sells up to one million a month, and Stanley wants to write.

In 1941, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby formed a patriotic and Nazi superhera captain America. He will open his talents as a dialoguemaker, in the 3rd issue of the magazine (May 1941). His nickname is Stan Lee. In 1942, the retransmission service, Stan, was demobilized in 1945 to return to the stairs. But after the post-war climate, unfortunately, the comics are infuriated by infamy, and now they are spoiling their youth, even making them commit a crime. The superhero is no longer fashionable, and Captain America will not appear in 1949, even though the gondola head in Marvel four years ago. In the 50s, he returned to the romances, the West, the poles, and the conversations in his time called the Atlas. espionage, comedy … But Stan Lee is boring. The industry was everyday, the box was not innovative, and the Bronx teenager dreaming about the big puff, came close to the middle life and abandoned his incredible design.


Stan Lee in 2000


On the contrary, the market leader, DC comics again bumped into a new Superhero team that revived the genre in 1960: the American Justice League. When Stanley invaded his opponent Michael Goodman for a monkey, he decided to make a good and inventive idea with his wife's wife, Jack Wilson, a family of vigilant ideas that could turn a simple comic strip: Fantastic four. Red Richards (Frank Francis), his wife Susan (named in VF, Jane's), his brother Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) and his childhood friend Thing (Ben Grimm) created an open-ended operational group. Their privacy, conflicts, tragedy and financial risks are in line with their own traditions. The funny book was successfully launched in 1961, and Stan Lee, the founder of the Managing Director, set up a future foundation for the whole Marvelian Empire in 1962 to create other super heroes in the same vein: Spider-Man, incorporated into the Amazing Fantasy Number 15 magazine.

Most of Super Heroes

Designed by Steve Ditcone, this super-hero, Peter Parker, breaks American age. An orphan and his sister Ben, who was raised by his brother Maye, to a bustling cerebrum for a cerebral pupil of the same and shythorn secondary school, got his superpower after a radioactive spell in the lab (at the same time fear of death). atom, radiation in all objects was a great way for Stan Lee and his authors). On the same day in the evening, Parker will put his powers on the good work and become a Spider-Man for his guilty refusal to arrest a murderer who killed his brother. The disorder of complexity, frequent non-occurrence of women and the daily struggle with daily troubles (including care of the sickness), Peter Parker draws attention to the readers' hearts, which in their suit is against the will of his allergic ego. The real news in the history of comics, in his youth and vision, Spider-Man quickly turns to Marvel, that Superman and Mickey were in DC and Disney. Without equalizing the magnificent record of Kripton, sales of "Spider-Man" are up to one hundred thousand a month.

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Spider-Man, an outspoken, outpatient, ordinary social group of people in the press, is an impeccable antipersonnel of protest movements in the United States in the second half of the 1960s and abandoned America. dad Marvel Comic's amazing creativity is the beginning of the decade with Stanley Lee's modern superhero blockbusters – Hulk, Iron Man, Avengers, X-Men, Black Panther, Ant-Man … The character of the soap opera Marvel's character, widely used in the spider-man, Greater permeability to the modern world attracts older readers, even pupils. Stan Lee, her troubles and hunger for the mass media make many attending press conferences and campus conferences, and Marvel's charismatic VRP. We are coming from Europe, for example, like Rezneis or Fellini, and, slightly, the rattling of Lee and the taste for the microphones, away from pure creatures.

Adjustment and contradiction

Until 1968, Marine Comic's chief editor, Stanley Lee, was born in 1972. He was the director of the publication and in a few years he tried to organize his migrations on TV in order to prioritize his or her other media. Since then, Lee, who has been working in Hollywood for a long time, has received several results. Cartoon Spider-Man, born in 1967 (his VF and popular song "Spider, Spider, very singular …" became the French school in the 70s). The ornament on the canvas became the subject of a very poor TV channel in 1977, and then the cathodic adaptation of The Incredible Hulk with Captain America and the role of the bodyguard Louis Ferrigny in the role of green monster is even more satisfying. In the interview with reporters later in the 1970s, Stan Lee and Alain Renaissis, dreams of the French "Spider-Man", denied the project. During the 1970s and 1980s, the Hollywood studio shamed Marvel's catalog or the B-series. Cooled, Stan Lee Since 1981 in Los Angeles, his wife, Joanee, and their only daughter, seeing that competing DC Comics are tailored to gold in their super-heroes specialties, Superman (1978), and then Richard Donner Batman Tim Burton (1989).

At age 67, Luke Marvel was acquired by Wall Street billionaire Ronald Perelman, not a member of a comic group. His half-retirement gold is a deliberate and almost fraudulent act from Perelman, from the western coast to Marvel's financial decline, as well as the dramatic fall of the comic book market. This does not prevent the readers around the world from retaining the likes, and even long-lasting disputes within the insiders will depend on the sincerity of different creative fathers. It should be noted that in one of the interviews the following character Stan Lee slightly changed the version of his contemporary myths to bring him closer to remembrance. Steve Dicko and Jack Kirby have long been overwhelmed by their former associates, Stan Lee insulted the purists because of their spider-man and other fantastic Fantastic Four Concept designs. That's why a substantial part of royalties …

The general public and other radical readers are still inventing that Lee always needs the help of his father, who opened the door to this wonderful kingdom. Many directors, writers, producers, actors, former children of the 60s and 70s, who were eager to see beautiful images of Hollywood's Marvel characters in the late 90s, are among those joyful fans. It's good: the company starts in 1988 as toy manufacturers like Ron Pearlwood and Stan Lee, but it's the Avi Arad tandem, which begins with a lot of meals. Hollywood. The inauguration of the 21st century will be characterized by the commencement of Marvel's heroes in a beautiful and culturally sensitive manner, after the Sept. 11 attacks in America, asking for new rescuers. In 2000 and 2002, the victories of the X-Men and Spider-Man films put the dubious publisher on the map of the world's pop culture. He was constantly dismissed by the new leadership of Stan Lee Marvel, a serial animation released by POW Entertainment, but with a sympathetic repayment of about $ 1 million annually. Every new movie has a "mission of representation" in the media. That's good: she loves her.

Achievement Symbol

"I am proud of Sam Raimi's spider, and that's what I thought. I was reading unemployed on the stage of the film, looking for job seeking, and thinking that my Grandfather was looking for a job during the Great Depression … I modeled him for Ben Percer, "in 2002, in the Los Angeles office. "My old friend Bob Kane (Batman co-authored in 1939, died in 1998) – was so afraid that I saw Sam Raimi's movie. Batman of Tim Bettman! "He said, laughing at her lips.


Stan leiem Sammy looked at the Spokesman-loyal man.


Eighty years after the decade of 2000, Stan Lee was delighted to see the process of launching the publisher back to the multimedia studio, enjoying the global explosion of films inspired by super heroes. Marvel Studios was established in 2006 and in 2008, Iron Man The famous movie "Marvel Cinematography" will open in the big cinema world cinema. Since then, Lee has been featured on a regular basis in all the films in the franchisee of X-Men, The Fantastic Four (Fox studio) and Spider-Man (Sony). He was in production this year Marvel Prediction: Endless War i Oath and barley.

As Walt Disney lives, all of Hollywood deserves, Lee's look at his epoch and increasing his interaction with Twitter on his @therealstanlee with his fans. She looks her eternal and unobtrusive, always quits from her favorite cryptic interview ("Excelsior!"). But, of course, it was not Stan Lee superhero. The news of her death is a profound shock that has not yet ended up in the world of pop culture, which has not yet ended the future weeks. Experts and historians will be responsible for accurately identifying Sten Lee's contribution to Marvel's fantastic brothel. But today, all the readers, who are trembling, shouting, laughing, and spinning through the pages of the spider's adventure, say, thank you, Mr. Lee.

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