Wednesday , February 1 2023

Taoufik Bouacrine was sentenced to 12 years in prison after his sentence on Telquel


Journalist Taifil Bukrin, a 12-year prisoner for human trafficking and rape, intends to appeal.

Bilal Mousjid

TAoufik decided to complain to Bouachrine. It is one of his lawyers, Mohammed Zianning. « We do not have any choice, otherwise we hope that we will apologize in the same day. We have no choice but to continue fighting "he says. Particularly in the case of human trafficking, rape and rape, director Akbar Al-Ja'am and Aliyum24 were sentenced to 12 years in jail on Saturday at the Judicial Department's Criminal Division. Call Casablanca. The journalist has always denied the accusation against him.

Believes " the victim of political trials due to his palms Journalist "dIt does not understand what freedom of the press in the Arab world is According to Mohammed Zian's statement to the AFP. One of the lawyers of the civil party, Mohammed Karau, confirms that the facts and the facts of the criminal case are: There is no connection between political expression and sexual assault. «

In February last year, at the headquarters of Taufik Bukharin, there were more than fifty videos showing sexual acts in his headquarters. The Scriptures do not appear to be an important argument, and these are "assemblies" according to the defense regardless of their technical expertise that confirm their authenticity. Do the attitudes of the Taufiq Boucherin appeal to this defense strategy? « Strategy is a reality that we can not change. This person has never written sex to anyone, never using videos to avoid harming anyone. that's true Ziane says.

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