Saturday , January 28 2023

The Ebola virus killed more than 200 people in the ODA


In the Democratic Republic of the Congo Ebola infected 326 people on August 10.

In August, more than 200 people have been killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo since the onset of Ebola. "The Confucius Health Ministry said on Saturday that the total number of cases is 326, 291 of which are confirmed, and 35 are likely. In total, 201 died "and" healed 98 cases ".

The tenth epidemic

Earlier in the provinces of North Kivu and Iuri, "319 cases and 198 deaths" were exceeded in 1976 in Yambuku (318 cases and 224 deaths) than the first epidemic registered in the ODA. Ecuador Province.

On August 1, the tenth epidemic of Ebola emerged in Mangistau in North Kivu province. The epidemic epidemic moved to Benni, the rebel of Uganda's allied forces (ADF) and other armed groups active in the eastern DRC.

Attack of armed groups

On Friday, the UN peacekeeping chief called on the armed groups to strengthen the fight against the Ebola virus in the country in the end of a joint trip with WHO Director General.

Ebola's new epilepsy attacks the ODA

Dr. Olli Ilunga, Health Minister of Congolese, Congolese, said that "no epidemic in the world today is still complex" in the "Beni" (North Kivu) region.

Responsible teams responded to threats, physical assaults, repetition, and theft. "Both partners of the emergency response unit have lost their lives in the attack."

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