Tuesday , October 4 2022

The legendary palace "La Mamounia" is sold


Legendary palace La Mamunia was officially listed on the official list of privatized state companies in 2019. This is stated on the French site Libération. From 1922, La Mamounia meets the stars of the world in the heart of Marrakech. The majority of the National Rail Office (ONCF) (62%) is included in the official list of public companies announced Thursday on Thursday, which can be privatized in 2019, confirming the French site, which lasted for a while. In addition, this operation should bring Moroccan a $ 10 billion dual-money operation to the Royal Treasury. However, the text still needs to be approved by Parliament.

Many of the most famous people in the world are: Winston Churchill (painting), Ronald Reagan, Jacques Chirac, Orson Wells, Nelson Mandela, Hillary Clinton, Elton John … bedroom and suitcases, as well as Alfred Hitchcock's " is used for. La Mamounia was closed in 2006 for major repairs and auctions in the auction, for Art Deco, Spanish-Morish, or French classics. The luxurious hotel was reopened three years later.

Like La Mamounia, Tahaddart TPP is on the list of privatized companies. This plant, with a capacity of 384 MW, is owned by ONEE with a public interest of 48%, Spanish Endesa Generacion with 32%, and 20% German Siemens Project Ventures, a Tanger (northern) subsidiary. Since the start of the first privatization program in 1993, 77 companies have sold over $ 103 billion in the private sector.

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