Monday , December 6 2021

The Paris stock exchange continues to dominate politics


Paris Bourse moved to green on Thursday (+ 0.71%), despite Brussels's political uncertainty, Brussels restarted the draft agreement with Brussels after London.

09:20 (0820 GMT) The index of CAC 40 reached 5,104.85 points with 36.00 points. The day before it fell by 0.65%.

The European agenda continued to dominate.

Christopher Dumbeck, head of Saxo Bank's economic research division, says: "The European Commission is still uncertain about its response to Italy's sustainability, as the market is still insecure.

The Italian populist government invited by the European Commission to revise the budget for 2019 remained unchanged, obtaining the risk of financial sanctions and its implementation remained hypothetical.

Moreover, there is still a lot of questions about Theresa's ability to recapture a conservative party (…), which is agreed upon by Brussels, "Mr. Dumbeak said.

In support of the government's approval on Wednesday, British Prime Minister Theresa Mai will work to convince the Parliament of the project when it comes to a great deal of skepticism and rebellion in its camp.

"Although the market may have seemed to have been used for the Britakh political crisis, it could be seen that the prime minister was forced to call for early parliamentary elections," he said. Debussy.

In this regard, market participants are listening to the words of Peter Eppert, chief economist of the European Central Bank (ECB), who spoke at the forum in Brussels in the afternoon.

In the United States, according to US President Jerome Powell, the US Federal Reserve Vice President will attend Randall Karls' hearing. "Has not been received yet".

– Bouygues enlarged –

According to quotations, Bouygues rose 3.90% to € 33.82, which was due to the increase in net profit for the first nine months of the year.

ADP ranges from 0.60% to 183.40 euros, which supports a 6% increase in Paris airports, North America, the Pacific, and Asia Pacific.

Eiffage rose from 88 million euros to 0.70 percent after reaching 33 million euros this year in Brussels.

Customers increased from 1.07% to 18.95 euros and sales increased by 10.9% in Q3 and amounted to $ 134.2 million. Rising to Euro. use of industrial facilities.

Volta- lia signed a contract with Brazil to sign up for a private electricity supply contract with BRF (+ 2.16% to 8.99 euros).

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