Wednesday , June 23 2021

The tourist pushes the kitten afterwards

When traveling, we tend to focus on less and less attention than usual. This is the situation of British tourists approaching the leopard cake in Morocco during the holidays, and they are frustrated. He was wounded on Monday, November 12, dead.

Stay in touch with dark animals

This death has been announced by the British healthcare agency, Britain's Health Organization, who has been given the opportunity to warn other tourists about safety measures. "All travelers traveling to countries that are crucial should avoid contact with dogs, cats, and other animals, and should advise them to have a vaccine before the trip."

Unfortunately, the tourist did not sow in time. Jimmy Whitworth, professor of London Medical Hygiene and Tropical Medicine School, said: "The specialist needs immediate assistance and vaccination. In this case, the person did not receive the vaccine in time.

There is a vaccine

In the world, people die of rabies every three months. However, anti-acid vaccine treats 100% of patients. The World Health Organization (WHO) released a video on September 28 on the World Rabbit Day, reminding that this vaccine could survive.

The crust is at the end of the disease in the saliva of some animals, such as dogs or cats. The transmission of the virus is frequently seen in the contrast of the contaminated animal, which is either scratched or mucous in the skin or in mucous membranes. From person to person it is very rare.

The virus almost causes death

The virus affects the nervous system. If it is not cured immediately, the patient becomes more difficult to absorb (dysphagia) and promotes or promotes neuropsychiatric disorders after incubation for several days or several months.

The patient then enters the coma before taking the breathing out. The outcome of this death is approximately systematic and affects 59,000 people annually. In 2004, a young American girl survived the virus. Special situation remained unclear.

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