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Together with Hilight Tribe published in "trans" – 12/11/2018


A great show and experimental music adventure. Pictures DR

A great show and experimental music adventure. Pictures DR

When filming the band for the past nine years, Hilight Tribe dropped the boundaries of transatlantic transatlantic transitions and dropped the electronic effects and roots of world music. On stage, five musicians and sound engineers have begun the tour in March 2018, ending in December in India.

On November 17, at 9:00 am, a stop in Agen, Florida, and intends to use its communicative energy to create an osmosis with the people.

It does not need the illicit substances, it is a natural explosion. A real exclusive show and an unusual musical adventure.

Interview with Lyudo, one of the group's founding members, as well as two other members of the tribe who live in northern Iveria. Combo takes place twice a year in the city of Ibiza, including the popular hip-hop market in Las Diaz.

How do you define your music stream?

This is the "natural transit" dynamics. This scene is sport! We all play twenty traditional instruments. String instruments and percussions of the entire world, such as stars, dudjuju, kongas, citrars, dudjeng … But drums, bass and guitar. In our songs there are old tribal tribes of West Africa, but anatomical accent, Shaviv India, Indian culture of Sioux … Each piece is a culture that studies like real Lakota Indians' drums. And we join our compositions and structures, new technologies and electrical sounds. Styles interact with current and tribal music. Every song has its own world. This idea is to empower the people.

Have you checked these places to feed these cultures?

We went, but some musicians came to us. For each album, we try to absorb the culture and learn the language for the last "Prince of Prayer" or for each title.

Can we talk about muscle mixing to determine interference?

It's worth noting that in the beginning we discovered Peter Gabriel and his musicians world music of Senegalese and Palais (world music). But unlike Jean-Marc Landault, who has greatly supported us, our producer has called on us to upgrade our electric effects, influencing the world. He opened up Ibiza. We need to know that we play everything on the stage. No computer or samples.

Is there a transit plan and hypnotic connotation?

There are always African customs that runs between Cologne and their bags, drums, and voodoo rites. He spoke during the idolatrous feasts. Then he left San Francisco in 1968 and stayed for Europe. The Pistachios movement has emerged. Trance Goa is celebrating in India. Effectiveness after Woodstock Effect, the children of old hippies are in the modern techno-house, "psystra".

Our Natural Trans is inspired by the modern world and those ancient worlds. Nevertheless, we are humble in comparison with musicians with great names in world music. Salvador de Bachia, Dakar or Mali are involved in the display of the most up-to-date culture.

Is this an audio and visual show?

Yes, we have musicians show, as well as lighting technicians, technicians sound and lighting. It has a rhythmic sequence that combines genuine performance dance, songs and effects. Real Heard and Visible Travel!

Did you go abroad?

It is part of this tour in Japan, Morocco, the United States, Sweden, India, as well as in Romania, Hungary and Israel. But especially in France and in all its corners. We performed at several festivals. Initially everything would start from Brittany. We have known ourselves through this region. Our distributor Breton.

It looks a few days, what is the image of your audience? Nostalgic, young riders in May 1968?

We have attracted many generations of genres and styles. Our message is people who are 15-25 years old, with freedom, travelers, architects, people who live in an alternative way, even "guiding" and knowing our words and having multiple references to the 70's.

Do you have an idea for a new album or color?

We work in songs, but we have to finish this tour before. We want to explore the East African-American world of Ma'iza.

The Hillate tribe Fantasy Saturday 17 November 21 Hours in Florida.

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