Tuesday , August 16 2022

Video. A bus driver shot an umbrella from the busy bus on the Medina bus



After a video demonstration holding Casablanca's bus driver with a hand-held umbrella, the management of the bus company dina decided to release the driver.

Here is the text of the bus communiqué sent to H24info:

"Ms. Dina Bus officially refuses accusations from a car driver, Yassin Maldi, in certain media and social networks, allegedly unfairly dismissed.

This video shot on November 5, 2018, is a video showing an umbrella bus in hand to "avoid the rainwater absorption in the bus". he is a driver in his cell phone, not wanting to harm the passenger.

This incident was released by the internal oversized video of the bus, reviewed and heard by various stakeholders.

Despite his statements, the decision to dismiss a driver is based on his "unresponsive passengers" with an unresponsive behavior and one of his own hands, plus his unprecedented absence. This, of course, is a driver in a number of accidents and is subject to several warnings.

Regarding the technical department, leakage tests carried out on the 7007 bus (on line 19) are the original of the water leak, the hatch is in the original) and prevents water leakage and semiconductor windows are locked and operated.

As for the allegations of social rights and discrimination, all of them are unreal, and the evidence is presented individually to the labor inspector. "

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