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Wednesday, 21 November Weather Forecast


Credit: DR

Weather forecast for Wednesday, November 21, prepared by the National Meteorological Office.

Rainfall and occasional rainfalls are important in some places in Essaouira, Tangier, Chiadma, Abda, Chaouia, Gharb, Loukkos, Oulmes, Saiss and West Reef.

– Pass through the clouds with splashed waves to the Mediterranean Sea and sauces.

– Cloudy cloudy. – in eastern and eastern regions.

– Low temperature is -04 – 03 ° C, in the south of the east, Saiss, South-East and Plateau, 02-14 ° C, 06-12 ° C in the plane North Atlantic, Central and North-South regions and 12/16 ° C in southern provinces .

– Temperature at 08-14 ° C, maximal temperature – 14-22 ° C in the north, Central, East and South East, 23-30 ° C in southern provinces.

– In the vicinity, between the Taf'va and the Bukhd, strong and strong in another place, a small sea that interferes with the second half of the day.

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