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"At any time, then this place"


17:10 – It was one of the most dangerous disasters in the 2018 racing season: the mega-shot of Sofia Flora during the Macau Grand Prix.

The longitudinal distance from the popular Macau circuit is the first circle. The highest speed is 270 kilometers per hour. Suddenly, there were a lot of shocks, tires, and shimmery. Silent silence, then panic. After a mega-barrier on a hollow road there is a terrible silence. Shots attack Van Amersfoort Racing, their young driver, Sofia Flussch. There is no information on competition management. Nothing to do with the incident. Sometimes such a curse is a social media solution: the team leader, Fritz van Amersfoort, and his team send a quick message. Having seen the first pictures, fear is: "Sofia, Sofia, how are you?"

"The worst thing is that we did not know anything about twenty minutes, and I will not forget all my life," said Fritz van Amersforth in an interview for "It was a coincidence because you are waiting for information about the management of the competition, while you are entering into the messages and videos on your phone, which makes you worry. This experience was even new to me. Fortunately, I have not had such disasters yet, but after the accident, I wondered one thing: how does Sofia make?

A small angel on his shoulders
The competition was discontinued and the local medical team immediately reacted to the treatment of the victims (Florisk and his friend Tsuboi, two photographers and marshals). No team information available. It was a terrible and long time after the end of the word: Sofia did not endanger life. Van Amersfoort says: "If we know that life does not endanger, we have begun to see what is happening." At first you have to worry about fears because there are rumors that brakes do not work anymore. you can doubt yourself. Eventually, we were able to see what the situation was. Then you can hate social media, but now there is plenty of water that we never had. The FIA ​​Sofia camera and all the drivers around it have been confiscated, so there's nothing to be expected of. «

The team analyzed the accident based on the data and pictures taken from the Internet: "Today I have just gotten the situation and then I can only conclude: Jesus, what kind of people are there? There was an angel on his shoulder, because it was worse than last year, and I do not know how it ended, it was only against the danger of the motorport and now it is. Despite all the great security events this sport is never 100% safe ".

Not related to Macao
Soon, many foreigners drew attention to the unique and hazardous street scheme. The head of the team disagrees with this situation and says the failure of this situation can be due to the situation in each chain: "I think this is not a matter of Macau, but if I come back to Macau next year, I will be back several times. , but this accident can happen elsewhere, we also have competitions in both Pau and F1 races on all streets. Macau is a special job, everyone knows … The contradictions are everybody knows that Macao is the most beautiful work in the world. , which sometimes looks like a curve. There is only one thing: Thanks to God we have a very powerful machine like Dallara and people have been providing security from the scene every year, and that's a good result. "

Successful work
On Monday, a young woman performed a long operation. She was on the operating table for ten hours. While the team was waiting for a flight to the Netherlands at the Hong Kong airport, Sofia smiled and said, "We just painted Sofia's picture from the hospital where she smiles. we have a beer, because we all had a great impact on this event, "says Van Amersfoort. "His father and a doctor from Mercedes will stay with him. On Monday after optimism from the first Sunday, optimism allowed the spine to be damaged and was much larger than the original idea. The bone fragment of the bone to recover from the cultivator Because the operation is hazardous, it is known as a dangerous operation. He will have to stay there for a while, but we hope to see him again soon: run on the car. «

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