Monday , June 5 2023

Bowl knives with white pea


Emma's man made a very interesting discovery. He bought white peas in the tomato sauce in Lidl and found the faces of two beards hidden beneath the beans.

Robby Orseus said the opposite RTV Drenthe its discovery is very shocking. "I would like to have beans with my children. The thing breaks me down and destroys me, because we are not alive. "

Wait for the study

According to Orsel, the knife is covered with conventional peas. Lidl said that he was taking this incident seriously. Christine Brown, a spokesman for Leedl Nederland, says: "This bottom should be split up into the bottom. "But it seems unlikely that some of these knives have been put into a container for the store. There are currently no instructions available.

Brown continues to investigate the vendor. "It might be a mistake. Something is wrong with the production, maybe something is broken and no metal detector has been detected. But we have to wait for an investigation to answer that. "

At present, no other income has been found in other containers with food. "We are delighted to be at the store to be able to solve the problem immediately."

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