Saturday , January 28 2023

Children's Hospital Wilhelmina begins with feverish children



Doctors at the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital in Utrecht have suggested Q-support to start studying children with the Q Ph.D. "In particular, Norway's provinces play a key role in financing the promised 100,000 euros for this purpose," Q-support said.

The first research project

Annemieke de Groot, director Q-support and medical consultant Alfonso Old Lochis, highly values ​​these commitments. Annemieke de Groot: "Prof. Dr. Niko Wulfraat, pediatrician and immunologist, rheumatologist, prof. Dr. Elise van de Putte, the pediatrician's pediatric pediatricians and fatigue complaints in researchers and prof. The representative of the Dutch Center for the Study of Chronic Illness Fatigue (NKCV), Hans Knop, wants to write the first research project and want the children to begin treatment with Q's. Provinces share this important, important step. "

"Need 4 tons more"

Alfonso Old Lochi: "It's a good start, but we're still missing. Good research requires a lot of money. Then you have to think about four hundred thousand euros. Q knows very little about children with fever. For a long time, children were unable to sustain long-term complaints about Q-cytology infections. That's why additional research is needed. "

Crowdfunding action

In addition, the need for the study and treatment of children with Q fever is widely felt with patients. That is why the patients started paying a lot of money, especially for this purpose.

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