Saturday , June 3 2023

Interior of Stafford, who attacked pregnant Marissa


Cargo Campense has come up with great news after the American Stafforder Attack. "I have 20 to 30 stitches on my face, with 7 hands, a hole in the cheek and two broken teeth," he said in the familiar home after the attack.

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"The Pregnant Woman (20) Knocked Out Of The Stafford"

Campon Mayor Bort Coelhoin confirms his opinion about a dog about RTV Oost. The owner is against this decision.

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Stafford Stafford: "It does not attack people"

Marissa de Lang is happy and simplified, she says, but she is afraid that she is a loving animal. In addition, Royce has three children. See, Royce is not a fake, but he would be tested.

Happy news

The future mother has good news: she works well and she is 21 years old on the day she is credited. "Christmas is around," he told the TV channel. "With some luck, this Christmas will be a baby."

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