Monday , December 6 2021

Locadia is listening to the alarm and is ready to leave: "I hope for a club in Spain, Germany"


Jürgen Locadia wants to leave Brighton & Hove Albion this winter, informing De Telegraaf on Thursday morning. Born in January, Drent left for the English southern coast, but his transfer was different than hopes.

This season, the Premier League has played 207 minutes and has played eight matches. The former PSV player who was defeated 2-1 in Cardiff City at the last game was not in the game selection. Locadia feels that the mood is already over. "Now I play every week. I do not feel that in Brighton my situation will change rapidly, "said the 17-year-old guy. "I think I have never been able to show my values, and I think it's a good time to think about winter that I'm still good."

Locadia left last summer and attracted "beautiful clubs". "Then I agreed with my agent to consider the situation until the end of winter," he said. "I respect Brighton, but I hope he will respect me in this case, and I'm the only one." Returning to the Netherlands is not a matter of Emmenauer. "I go to the highest level and I'm going to be hired in the championship, for example, in Spain, Germany."

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