Friday , September 30 2022

Lost in "Religious" pair | Interior


According to a man's sister, the couple suffers from severe forms of religious inaccuracy and has been preparing for several months.

This 39-year-old Marcel Brice, who originally lived in Germany with 26 years, lives in the Netherlands and took part in his 41-year-old wife, Andrea and Neekkerk.

Their children are 9,12, 15 and 17 years old. The couple wanted to leave earlier, but then they stopped. The Child Protection Council has removed children from an early age.

A man's sister has been calling for Facebook to look after her brother and sister since then, the newspaper writes.

Psychological problems

He wrote on Facebook: "My brother and his wife left on Tuesday and left four children behind. They are psychologically afflicted (religious senselessness). They're missing! Children miss their mothers and fathers. Fortunately they are now in good hands and in good hands! »

He bows down to pure Jesus

In Marseille there is a site called "Kash Comet Jesus" or the second visit of Jesus. Then he writes that he "hires" hire, expensive food, financial crisis, avian influenza, and so on. He writes that Jesus quickly comes to us and removes all the problems. The end of time is near, but it does not name the day.

Marcel is also active on Twitter. His latest statements are about "damaged Germany".

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