Sunday , September 25 2022

Meat and vegetarian interiors


Snellenburg is on fire. After living for at least ten years as a vegetarian, he finally recovered. Health related. Moreover, he has been penetrated into scientific literature. "A young student of physics, surrounded by progressive colleagues and has learned to be a powerful reductionist thinker, you are convinced that you need a vegetarian diet. It just seemed logical and meaningful. I really thought it would be a great contribution to the world. "


In the 1930's, Snellburg had problems with his joints. "I came year after year, and at one point I shot more than a hundred kilograms. My colleague, who has given me a lot of weight, put me in a different direction: choose animal proteins and oils and avoid carbohydrates. "

At first Snellenburg felt guilty. Thus, it should be organic, with high protein and high fat diet. "I order a packet of meat from a farmer from Groningen at any time, and I know that animals are walking through the meadow all year round."

His conscience was pure because he found in the scientific literature that the climatic differences between vegetarian (vegetarian) and different (diet) diets were very small. "The profit of the Vega climate is minimal. Indeed, a large number of livestock grazing in marginal soils can increase CO2 emissions. Cow can be a ally against greenhouse effects. "

Snellenburg perceived the avalanche of non-ethnic events as a result of the latest IPCC report. "It does not seem like journalists are reading." It does not oppose the return to meat substitute, which is compatible with daily carbohydrates from macaroni products, rice and potatoes. "Now I feel a lot of locksmith."

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