Friday , October 7 2022

Now these films are now performed in the movie theater


New cinemas are held weekly in theaters. This week, along with other things Fantasy animals: Grindlewald's crime From the world of Harry Potter and Susuria Together with Dakota Johnson.

Fantasy animals: Grindlewald's crime – Adventure

The Dark Wizard Grindallwald escapes from the captive and reaches his mission to gather followers who do not know the true purpose: to raise the pure bloodstream and to exercise power over the magical creatures. To stop it, Albus Dumbledore replaced his former pupil, Newton Scamandard. The struggle for love and loyalty will come to an end.

Wedding – Comedy

Frank and Lindsay collide with the airport and make matters worse with each other on the aircraft. When two people see someone going to a wedding feast, they do not go on a journey. They seem unable to escape from each other, so they must get to know one another, even though they do not care about their differences.

Teacher of kindergarten – Drama

The only kindergarten teacher, Lisa, knows that one of the pupils in her kindergarten has a gift. At the age of five, he could write poetry. Lisa takes care of the child and cares for the child without disagreeing with the child's parents. Despite her good intentions, Lisa enters the lower spiral and turns her interest into a dangerous awakening.

Susuria – Thriller

Susie is a young dancer from the American village to Berlin. He joined Marx's prestigious dance academy. She is led by Miss Blanc, who develops Susan's great interest. Susie and her new friend try to solve the dark secrets of the dance school.

  • Genre: Thriller, tragedy, remake
  • Director: Luke Guigenino
  • Transportation: Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth, Renée Soutendijk
  • Kijkwijzer: 16+
  • Running times, places, and tickets

Bellingcat, The Truth in the Post-Truth World – Documentary

They disclosed details of the MH17 catastrophe and proved that Russia is responsible for: the Bellingcat nuclei and the fathers' families. With Google and Facebook, they were able to gather more information. The fight against counterfeit news in this documentary is a central part of Bellingcat, and they are now being used as new non-nondodox characters.

The films will be screened at Dutch cinemas since November 15. Check out the movies here last week.

The short films above have been selected by independent editors If you buy a ticket, will earn a living here.

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